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Our products eliminate ALL of the wires that connect any standard 24V controller to valves, pumps, moisture sensros, and flow sensors in a traditional irrigation setup.  Effectively a regular irrigation system changes into a wireless setup by eliminating all of the wires between the devices.  Everything stays as is, same controller, same valves (even same solenoids), same pumps and same flow sensors, but the wires are gone.  Our gear operate on an in-house custom built 900MHz (Free ISM) long distance radio frequency, NO WiFi, No cell-phone or blue-tooth, No App, and No fee. - No digging and no trenching to run any wire - Automatically irrigate your plants based on real-time measured moisture, NOT a guess or prediction - Ad a new valve without running any wires - Fix a cut or damaged wires in minutes - Combine multiple controllers in ONE location - Run unlimited number of valves from ONE zone - Reduce or eliminate lightning strike problems
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