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GCS serves independent garden centers to make their marketing endeavors EASY, AFFORDABLE, and SUCCESSFUL by partnering with these businesses to share the benefits of gardening with their markets where all parties enjoy success and purpose. We're all aware of the importance of mapping out a marketing plan. Without a strategy, business simply cannot move forward. GOOD MARKETING DEFINES AND IDENTIFIES who we are and what we do. It entices sales, maintains existing customers, and finds new ones. IT IS VITAL TO BUSINESS GROWTH. Time and money are our scarcest resources in this green industry. We will help you economize on both as we work together to discover your business goals and your unique position in the market place. We'll strategize and implement a solid and EFFECTIVE MARKETING PLAN THAT FITS INTO YOUR BUDGET and maximizes your ROI. With over a half-century of combined experience and a proven track record, my team and I have what it takes to grow your IGC. TOP 10 REASONS WHY BUSINESSES SHOULD WORK WITH GCS: (1) We Make Marketing EASY, Saving You Valuable Time & Resources (2) Established in the Green Industry for Over 20 Years with Extensive Knowledge of Marketing to Your Consumer (3) Creative Solutions to Problem Solving (4) Professional & Beautifully Creative Designs (5) Horticulturalist on Staff (6) On-Site Visits & Consultations (7) Friendly & Responsive Staff (8) GCS Works with Every Budget (9) Impeccable Customer Service & Attention to Detail (10) Up-To-Date with Current Trends
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GCS - Marketing Seminar with Angela Cooley 206
GCS - Marketing Seminar with Angela Cooley



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GCS - Marketing Seminar with Angela Cooley 206
GCS - Marketing Seminar with Angela Cooley